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PLP Design + Planning provides design, drafting, and visualization services for homeowners, builders, designers, and developers in single-family, townhomes, and light commercial projects.

Lean operations methods and a streamlined digital workflow position PLP as a low-cost solution suitable for enhanced accessibility of professional services to owners and professionals with minimal design or technical personnel budgets.

PLP’s focus on ease of constructability, intrinsic energy efficiency, and leveraging Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for design and construction document delivery enable all clients access to customized design products at minimal cost.

Still using AutoCAD? Step into the 21st century with BIM and see why typical CAD services are costing you in time, money, and frustration. Contact PLP Design + Planning to see how BIM can shave 60% off your design or drafting budget!


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Recent Work

Algorithmic Geometry
Experiential Geometry
Kittams South
Nelson Interior
Kittams Wall Section
Kittams North
Elk River North
Torian House
Sacheen View Section
Sacheen Terrace
Kittams Section
Elk River Section
Sacheen View

Satisfied Clients

“Thanks for your diligence”

Jerry A, Coeur d' Alene, ID

“Overall great, impressive job…thanks for your hard work”

Mitch J, Newport, WA

” I am really impressed with your timeliness. Thank you so much for your dedication to this project!”

Stacy K, Petersburg, AK



Discussion and Discovery
Action Plan


Schematic Design + Development
Construction Documents



Document Review
Media Execution


Document Review + Preliminary Set
Redlines + Final



Antonio Norsworthy founded PLP Design + Planning in early 2013 as an alternative to limited drafting services available to homeowners and design professionals which were provided at the time.

With over a 15 years of design and construction experience Antonio brings a unique perspective to the design process which only a former builder can. Mediating competing factors such as budget, ease of construction, and owner's personal taste, Antonio successfully implements an approach which encompasses all aspects of the design and building processes, resulting in a level of service and professionalism normally associated with registered professionals.

Antonio is an expert in Revit, Rhino 3d, Grasshopper 3d, and the entire Adobe Suite. He regularly attends seminars, workshop, and lectures to maintain knowledge of the latest innovations in digital design, materials, and construction techniques, and has been recognized as an Autodesk Certified Professional since early 2012.

Antonio currently resides in Pullman, Washington with his wife and three children, while completing his education at Washington State University in Architecture and Construction Management. He continually sets the standard for academic excellence and has been recognized via numerous scholarships, merit awards, and rigorous design competitions. 




509 . 336 . 9691
509 . 715 . 1071